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Android vs. IOS: Which is Better for Mobile Gaming

The ”Apple’s IOS vs. Google’s Android” debate has been around for as long as the two operating systems have. With the platforms making up 95% of the global market share, they both hold a strong presence in our consumer culture, and thus, the question of superiority remains prominent

Several factors can help inform our platform preference. Depending on the user’s intent, there are evidently processes that one platform can execute at a higher quality than the other. In particular, commonly asked is which operating system supports better mobile gaming

Smartphone gaming has evolved beyond belief. Recalling the late 1990s, when the most-played titles were Tetris and Snake, the graphics, storylines, and quality of handheld games have progressed exponentially in the last decade, propelling mobile gaming to be one of the most popular formats of use. 

So, let us embark on a journey to answer whether IOS or Android promotes a better gaming experience. But keep in mind that the inquiry is more nuanced than we think. Interface and speed are significant selling points, but hardware and usability should make the decision-making process. Let us delve into the facets of mobile games and crown either IOS or Android as the most exemplary operating system. 

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Availability and User Ratings

You may have heard of IOS’ app store and Android’s Google Play store, which are the respective marketplaces for each system’s mobile games. Regarding the number of games available to android or IOS users, Android takes the cake just by the sheer size of the Google Play store: 3.48 million apps on Google Play vs. 2.22 million apps on the Apple app store. 

Alas, we must also remember that quantity does not always overtake quality. Judging by average user experience, iOS users rated more mobile games 4.5-5 stars, whereas Android users tended to rate games in the 4-star range. Evidently, this observation could have been just adjusted to size since Android possesses a more extensive inventory. However, regarding user purchases, IOS sees the average purchase price of gaming apps at $12.77 and the typical price of in-game purchases as $1.08. In contrast, Android gamers’ purchase prices stand at $6.19 and $0.43, respectively. As we can observe, IOS users have a higher propensity to spend on the gaming experience, which may be correlated with their positive appraisals of these apps. 

In this race, the deciding factor lies with you. Do you value more the number of games available or the user ratings of those games? Depending on your priorities, you can check off either operating system as the first winner. 

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Let’s talk about hardware and software. Hardware refers to the physical components of a device that carry out mobile functions, such as touchscreen sensitivity or resolution quality. On the other hand, operating systems are software, which comprises the applications and programs on the smartphone. However, you can evaluate the actual device you are using by looking at its hardware capabilities.

Much of mobile game performance depends on the hardware. IOS is exclusive to only Apple hardware (iPhones, iPads). In comparison, Android is home to more devices and can run across Samsung, Google Pixel, Motorola smartphones, and more. 

Both IOS and Android devices have advanced hardware capacities to carry out even the most complex mobile games. However, for more serious mobile gamers, gaming phones such as the Asus ROG and the Razer phone only employ the Android software. 

Thus, in terms of hardware, the Android platform allows you to game across various smartphone manufacturers and supports more complex gaming-specific devices. We can let Android take the gold here. 

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I’m sure you are wondering now which platform supports a better time during the game? Here, we must confront the quantity vs. quality question again. The answer can, in one way, be quantified by the number of bugs experienced during mobile gaming. And in this battle, there is a clearer victor. 

According to user statistics, iOS gamers report a more ceaseless experience than Android users. While both systems can effectively support the games done by major developers, Android users tend to come across more software-related bugs playing indie titles by small developers than IOS users playing those same games.  

In conclusion, iOS may be your friend if you are looking for a more fluid gaming session

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Final Thoughts

In the examination of these different categories crucial to mobile gaming, the answer to the “IOS vs. Android” now seems even farther away. With different winners in various battles, it is hard to deem one operating system as the reigning champion. This ambiguity may be brought on by the fact that no superior operating system exists

IOS and Android are both the best at something. Ultimately, it all boils down to what type of mobile gamer you are and what you are looking for in the experience. Whether you prefer a seamless session, to achieve access to more game titles, or to just be able to play the popular, bigger games, these are all priorities that should dictate your choice of device and operating system

We hope this guide clarifies some of the main contrasting points between IOS and Android. With this knowledge, you now hold all the tools to end the time-hallowed IOS and Android war for yourself.   
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