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8 Best Free Mobile Games on iOS & Android

Worldwide, 48% of mobile phone users have at least one mobile game, which should grow to 54% by 2026. With half the world playing, it’s no wonder that the mobile gaming industry has exploded. While mobile games are creative in generating revenue either by charging a subscription, in-app purchases, advertising, or pay-to-play, there are loads of excellent free mobile games on iOS and Android.

But with literally thousands of free mobile game apps, it can often feel overwhelming to find a fun game. Some games are fun at first but lose appeal over time. That’s why we’ve created a list of the best free mobile games for iPhone and Android that players enjoy and always love to play.

Here are our picks for the best free mobile game apps based on gameplay style:


Best Battle Royale Free Mobile Game is a fast-paced, battle royale multiplayer game where you compete to have the longest snake. Gobble up pellets or other dead snakes to grow exponentially. But don’t run into another player, or your snake will turn to fodder for other players, and you’ll have to start over.

An easy-to-learn game that kids and adults enjoy playing because of its simple but dynamic gameplay. With small arenas and loads of players, getting on the leaderboard is challenging. And the fatter and longer you get, the more attractive you become to the smaller snakes to take you out.

Gameplay can last seconds or several minutes the more cunning and agile you become in the game. Plus, you can customize your snake to show your personality and game style. Super fun, super addictive, and appropriate for all ages.

Want to play now? Download the game and see if you have what it takes to slither your way onto the leaderboard.

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2. Apex Legends

Best Shooter Free Mobile Game

Made by EA, Apex Legends is the best shooter, free mobile game. It’s available for iOS, Android, PC, and all major gaming consoles. A multiplayer game where players can work as a team or as individuals in the ultimate shooter battle.

The game allows you to customize how you prefer your gameplay and weapons, with FPS, TPS, and combat action options. The arena requires fast-action play and strategy to survive.

3. Asphalt 9: Legends

Best Racing Free Mobile Game

Asphalt 9: Legends offers 150 hypercars from some of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world. This game has some of the best graphics for a free mobile game. You can race your customized car across 185 tracks in thirteen real-world locations.

Asphalt 9 has single-player and multiplayer modes. In single play, there are over 900 solo events. In multiplayer mode, you can race up to 8 other players to compete for higher rewards. You can also create a club and invite other players to earn more rewards and gain prestige.

4. Stumble Guys

Best Multiplayer Free Mobile Game

Stumble Guys is a free, mobile multiplayer game where players race to complete each level by running through crazy obstacle courses. With 32 players on each course, players battle while they race to not be eliminated.

The courses have wild obstacles and aggressive competitors. Being the last remaining player is a super challenge. This game is family-friendly but does require some coordination to navigate the courses successfully.

Love free, family-friendly multiplayer games that are never the same? Download to see if you can grow your way onto the leaderboard.

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5. Roblox

Best Create Your Own Adventure Free Mobile Game

Roblox is an imagination platform that enables people to create 3D experiences, build environments, go on quests, and form social interactions. You can play single-player or with friends in this multiplayer universe.

In an immersive experience, players can choose their own adventure and what they want to experience on the Roblox platform. Roblox is open for anyone to develop an experience on the platform, creating a fun way to teach kids how to make a game.

6. Two Dots

Best Puzzle Free Mobile Game

An aesthetically pleasing game, Two Dots challenges your brain with a single-player puzzle where the player must connect dots to complete level requirements. With thousands of levels that increase in complexity, Two Dots is addicting and relaxing.

For people who enjoy puzzle games, Two Dots will keep you engaged. This is also an excellent game for the whole family. However, some higher levels may be too challenging for young kids.

7. Wordscapes

Best Free Mobile Game to Unwind

If you like crossword puzzle games, then you’ll want to download Wordscapes. A single-player game, Wordscapes presents a crossword and four to six letters to find all the words

Players must use these six letters to create three to six-letter words to complete the crossword. Once complete, you level up to a more challenging crossword with more letters to choose from.

This game challenges the mind but also helps it unwind from everyday pressures. A great mind teaser that can help you distress while you play.

8. Fishdom

Best Kid-Friendly Free Mobile Game

Fishdom is an underwater adventure with dozens of mini-games your whole family will enjoy. Whether you prefer puzzles, quests, or duels, Fishdom appeals to children and adults alike with its brightly colored, entertaining artwork and characters.

Fishdom offers a fun variety of match-3 games that challenge your brain and help you unwind. The colors and characters are also charming, helping you when your kid needs a quiet distraction. You can also link up with Facebook friends to compete.

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Free Mobile Game Apps Provide Entertainment for the Whole Family

Sometimes you just need ten minutes to unwind or pass the time. These free mobile game apps for iOS and Android are beloved favorites for their engaging gameplay and cool graphics.

So choose your favorite type of play and download them now to see which of these games you like best. And because they are free, you don’t have to worry about paying for something that isn’t your cup of tea. is an easy-to-learn but challenging-to-win battle royale where you play other people and bots in a fiercely fun arena. Customize your snake to show your individuality, and you race other players to grow in size.

Do you have what it takes to outmaneuver the other players? Download for free on your favorite mobile device.
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