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9 Best IO Games of 2022

There is a long list of popular played .io games, from more modern mobile free-to-play game titles to more well-known classics that have some more basic elements. Games like have easy-to-understand instructions and many fun, exciting levels, ideal for keeping busy during short periods of downtime in your day.

snake io

Keep gaming classic with this timeless game of skill development. Slither safely through a new competitive, high-quality version of while surviving as long as you can! Give your friends a challenge, and see who can last longer and end with the longest snake. In this classic arcade-like game, you control a snake or worm-like creature and collect as much energy as possible to try to be the biggest snake around

This new and improved game has little to no lag issue and no performance problems, explicitly designed for every mobile device. But make sure to attack wisely while defending skillfully like a Ssssssnake!

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starve io is gaining popularity. Survive the cold, and don’t go hungry as you collect resources and craft your tools. Discover treasure chests and battle dragons as you explore the game. Starve is a multiplayer browser-based online survival game and was developed by French code-makers. In the game, you are a human-like avatar trying to stay alive while attempting to get increasingly better equipment for survival.

agar io

Created by a Brazilian developer is a vast multiplayer online action game. Players control one or more circle cells in a map that represents a scientific Petri dish. Fun and slightly addicting, you have to eat or be eaten while you attempt to dominate the world of colored cells. Consume targets to evolve yourself and strategize through the grid while catching all the colors. Multiplay and rule the world from your phone!

gats io

If you are interested in faster-paced shooting games with some intense gameplay and an arsenal of weapons and equipment to choose from. In, you are in control of a single character that fights against other real online players for arena domination. Equip handguns and high-powered rifles and charge up your armor to change the gameplay. The map is minimalistic but has many obstacles and places to hide and dodge enemy fire as you maneuver the obstacles.

mope io

Another multiplayer game where you consume, evolve, and survive. You try and survive by eating food and various animals. All players are animals! For example, this game dares you to choose and transform a mouse into a dragon. Eat the foods, eat your light green opponents, and watch out for those outlined in red. 

Join more than fifteen thousand players online daily and climb up the food chain!

aggie io

This app allows you to draw a picture or collaborate on a painting together with your friends in real-time. Create and design new canvases and share a link to start painting a cool picture together. Make super cool fan art and doodle with friends. No matter where you are, you can draw special notes to each other or livestream draw with your mates, and even win prizes while you make art together. 

People have even used Aggie as a brainstorming platform when you have people working on projects together. Visual aid really helps some retain newer information. So this app can be more than just a digital art pad.

superhex io on the Android platform is all about obtaining as much territory as possible. Players make a mark while stealing playspace from other opponents. Unlike similar games, players can only gain ground in pre-measured hexagonal spaces. Keep control of your color band to zone out your territory, making it as wide as possible. Join the millions of players worldwide and see how long you last.

krunker io

Another free Multiplayer Online Gaming option,, is a fully customizable first-person shooter game. It has really advanced movement mechanics compared to other similar games. Shoot and Traverse your way through twelve rotation maps and earn rewards on the way. You will fall deep into a dark land, forced to fight players worldwide to survive. 

Krunker takes place in a pixelated landscape similar to that of Minecraft. You drop into the map and try to survive like Fortnite. These features make this game really popular with the younger crowd and adults.

tetr io

In the world of classic stacking blocks game, is a favorite. Together you can puzzle in this familiar but more modern take on a video game favorite. Whether friend or foe, you can play with others worldwide to claim your place on the leaderboard. So if you are on the lookout for a more straightforward battle royale type game, this multiplayer puzzle game pits players against one another to see who can stack up better. 

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The key to the success of the io games lies in their easy accessibility and simplicity of play. It is an excellent treatment for boredom because you can pick up and play instantly and directly. Many of these games have challenges or leaderboards that fuel your desire to come out on top. Games like Snake io and resonate with us because of the nostalgia of challenging your younger sibling to a video game match to see who wins. 

The majority of these online games are free and super easy to navigate so that anyone can play. Whether you are young or old or somewhere in between, we all have those spaces of the day where we need a little break. You can fit in a quick session of any of these games, between meetings or waiting for the bus. That’s how easy and available it is, and ADDICTING!

Download today and start playing one of the best io games out there.