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5 Best Snake Mobile Games of 2022

Gaming has come a long way since Blockade—the game that inspired snake—came out in 1976. Snake came to Nokia phones in 1997 and has been a hit ever since.

From games that follow the classic snake format to ones that overhauled the format and added new features, many of us constantly search for the best mobile games to play on the go. With snake mobile games, you can enjoy the fan-favorite game for minutes or hours, no matter where you are.

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We’ve played and reviewed the five best snake mobile games of 2022—you’re sure to walk away with the most fun snake games to play any time, anywhere!

  1. Snake.io

If you only have room for one snake game on your smartphone, it has to be Snake.io. It’s packed full of the best features and is completely free to play. You don’t need to register or create an account to play—download the app or open it on any web browser and start playing any time, anywhere!

Snake.io is playable offline or online, either with your friends or random players from around the world. The gameplay is simple but extremely fun: You play a snake on the board, and your goal is to eat the items on the screen to see how long you can grow.

The more you eat, the longer your snake gets, and the higher your score—can you top the leaderboard? You can control your snake with the on-screen controls, external controller, or keyboard and mouse.

Perhaps the most popular feature of Snake.io is the monthly skin events. This is one of the features that our fans love the most because they get to unlock new skin designs monthly. This is a great way to customize your snake and profile while also demonstrating your skills and time of play.

Don’t forget to avoid the other snakes (don’t believe us? Try it and see what happens; however, we don’t recommend doing so!).

Download and play Snake.io free on iOS, Android, or play in your browser!

  1. Snake vs. Block

Snake vs. Block is a slightly different take on the classic snake game. It’s becoming more popular for a good reason, and it’s an excellent game for fans of old-school titles with its Tetris-like elements.

Free to play and with a fun design and superb soundtrack, Snake vs. Block has slowly been gaining traction with snake fans.

The game involves controlling your snake made of balls that grows as you eat more items on the screen and shrinks when you bump into blocks. Sounds pretty much like the classic game, right? Well, there’s a catch.

On the screen, you’ll find square blocks with different numbers on them. The goal is to avoid running into those blocks; however, if your snake has grown larger than the number on the block, you can pass right through it. 

Snake vs. Block is single-player only, but you can compare your scores with players worldwide on the leaderboard.

Download Snake vs. Block on iOS or Android.

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  1. Snake Game

Snake Game has the retro style that traditional gaming fans love. Have you ever missed the days of playing snake on your old Nokia phone? While some might dislike the style, you yearn for that classic green background and heavily-pixelated graphics—if that sounds like you, Snake Game is the answer.

This gem of a snake game offers classic gameplay with different themes and backgrounds, including the Nokia theme that helped make the game famous all of those years ago. No gimmicks here—the Snake Game plays exactly like the classic: slither along, eat blocks to grow, and don’t bite yourself!

If all you want is to play the classic Snake Game, look no further—this mobile game is perfect for nostalgic players. It does have advertisements, which you can pay to remove, but otherwise is free to play.

Download Snake Game on iOS or Android.

  1. Snakes and Apples

For hardcore snake fans looking for an extra challenge, Snakes and Apples might just be the mobile game you’ve been needing. With exceptional retro graphics, colorful snakes, beautiful gardens, and peppy apples, Snakes and Apples brings a fun twist to the classic game.

As you’d expect, the gameplay consists of controlling a snake; however, your snake pops out of a hole in a garden full of apples. The goal here is to eat all of the apples in the right sequence and get back into your hole to finish each level.

It might sound simple, but as you get into the later levels, navigating the garden and finding the original snake hole becomes more and more of a challenge. In addition, when you play multiplayer, the difficulty essentially doubles—you’ll find two holes, double the apples, and an additional snake which you must avoid at all costs.

Snakes and Apples is an interesting, more difficult take on the classic; it’s perfect for those looking to challenge themselves.

Download Snakes and Apples on iOS or Android.

  1. Snake Candy

Snake Candy is a more modern snake game with bright, colorful graphics and interesting but simple gameplay. It’s also a game best played with your friends rather than by yourself.

In Snake Candy, your snake is made out of, well, candy. Eat more sugary sweets to grow longer, but there’s a catch: many players participate in the same round, meaning there are a plethora of snakes to avoid. Once the round is over, the longest snake wins.

It has some interesting features, like the lightning power boost, which allows you to fly across the screen and grab candies before other players can reach them. The controls are customizable, so you can set it to whatever is most comfortable, giving you the best chance to get more candy and beat your friends!

Snake Candy is definitely a fun experience with friends.

Download Snake Candy on iOS or Android.

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Get Your Game On With Snake.io

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While the snake game is a classic, that’s been around for years, that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun in 2022. These five snake mobile games are all fun to play, but Snake.io is our top pick—you can play on your phone or browser, by yourself, with friends, or with random players.

Download and play the best snake mobile game of 2022—Snake.io—free on iOS and Android, or play in your browser!