Can you Play on PC?

If you’re a big fan of the mobile version of and are wondering if you can play it on your PC, the answer is easy. There is a web browser version that you can play for free! No downloading needed. Play Page

The fun and competitive snake battle royale io game can be played on your web browser just by visiting This will redirect you to the game’s familiar and friendly user interface. The web browser version gives you access to the same skins that you may have or not yet acquired in the mobile version of the game. So in short, you’ll still be able to unlock all the skins by playing and accomplishing certain achievements. Skin Page

Gameplay of web follows that of the mobile version, but the big difference that all PC gamers see as an advantage is the classic keyboard and mouse controls! This will give players the muscle memory advantage especially for those who are naturally attuned to playing with the classic peripherals. Control Page

The joy of victory as you slither your way to the top is not only limited  to your mobile device – you can also experience the fun on PC! The web browser version offers a smooth transition from mobile to PC gaming. Not only do you get to enjoy and experience the same skins and achievements with the mobile version, but the added advantage of classic keyboard and mouse controls provides a fun, advantageous  and exciting feel for PC gamers. But if you still find yourself wanting to go back to mobile, don’t fret! is free to download in all these amazing platforms: Apple App Store, Apple Arcade (free once you subscribe), Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store. 

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