Fall Guys x Snake.io: Come Meet the Beans of The Blunderdome!

Four new challengers have slithered their way to the arena and are wreaking fun and excitement among other snakes. These four are all bundles of joy that have made spreading chuckles and giggles their number one objective. They also thrive and shine when they’re competing, truly a testament for all their experiences in the Blunderdome! Let us introduce you the beans of the Blunderdome:

Pink Bean

pink bean

Pink Bean is used to falling into strange places, but now the game has changed!

Raptor Bean

raptor bean

Raptor Bean is obsessed with eggs. Luckily there’s plenty of eggs in Snaketopia.

Shork Bean

shork bean

Losing an arm is the least of your concerns if you get in Shork Bean’s way.

Golden Knight Bean

golden knight bean

Golden Knight Bean doesn’t need friends. He just needs more Crowns, whatever it takes.

The Fall Guys x Snake.io event is still on-going and will end on March 25. If you want to unlock them all — download Snake.io now on all these platforms: Apple App Store, Apple Arcade, Google Play Store, and Amazon. Show us what you can do!