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8 Games to Play with Family: Make a Family Gaming Night!

It’s always a good idea to keep a few family-friendly games on hand, whether you’re seeking for indoor activities that don’t include screen time or want to strengthen your relationship with your friends or family.

The finest family games suit a range of all ages, allowing younger players to follow the rules and participate while keeping older players from becoming utterly disinterested.

Based on the age range, complexity, number of players, and game style, we’ve chosen the games below. Of course, is our favorite because it’s simple to understand, mobile, and consistently thrilling to play.

Here are the best family games.

Looking for the most challenging and enjoyable snake game for mobile devices? Play in the Android and iOS game store and get rid of anything in your path!

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Here are the Top 8 Games to Play Together on Your Phones for Family Gaming Night

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Keep in mind that some of these games will be free, but for others, you’ll need to pay for them. 

Regardless, they are fun and will surely bring a lot of competition and bonding with your family and friends!


You may connect with friends and family with the excellent free trivia game QuizUp.

This game guarantees many enjoyable hours with its myriad subjects and questions.

The individual quizzes in the app can only accommodate two players at once. Still, QuizUp lets you organize tournaments, so the whole family can compete to see who is the ultimate trivia master!

Games like these are also good for the brain because they make you think while having fun. Here are 5 reasons why videos games are good for your brain.

Ticket to Ride

Playing this digital version of a well-known board game is a wonderful way to spend an evening with your family. The goal of this game is to connect well-known locations around the world by creating your own railroad network.

Once you’ve covered most of the map, that means you’ve won! This board game’s private online multiplayer option, which accommodates up to five players, lets you organize a game with relatives or friends.

It can be purchased for about 9 USD on the App Store or 5 USD in the Google Play store, as well as on other gaming platforms such as Steam.

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Created by the same team as Heads Up, Psych! asks you to use all of your imagination to come up with fictitious responses to trivia questions.

Find out which family members you can convince to select your response; if they do, you score points, but if they select the correct response, they score points!

With so many categories and content options, it’s perfect for a distant family gathering and ensures nonstop laughter! You can freely download the game from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Mario Kart Tour

Lego mini figures of Luigi and Mario riding cars

Everyone’s competitive side will emerge in this insanely entertaining driving game! The game includes entertaining elements like the ability to toss bananas and shells onto the track to gain an advantage and lets you race over a variety of absurd racetracks.

The online multiplayer feature makes it simple to race against family members in multiplayer mode and lets you compete against up to seven other people.

Mario Kart Tour is free to download and play on iOS and Android devices; simply click the links to the Apple Store or Google Play to begin the download.

Who am I?

The “Who am I?” game is a straightforward talking game similar to “Charades.” Participants attempt to identify the name or object that has been given to them.

“Who Am I?” is quite easy to plan and put up, but you may adjust it to be as difficult and competitive as you like. 

Drawful 2

With the new multiplayer party game Drawful 2, which requires participants to create strange, humorous, and frequently absurd prompts on their smartphones and tablets, Drawful 2 is back to save your dull parties.

Drawful 2 expands on the success of the first game, Drawful, by enabling users to create their own episodes of original nonsensical prompts, inside jokes about their dysfunctional friends, and references to anything they wish to disclose via secret codes.

Trivia Crack

For both Android and iOS devices, Etermax created and released Trivia Crack in 2013 as a free online quiz game. Users can compete in multilingual games against their friends and post their winnings.

The principal objective of Trivia Crack, is to determine who is more knowledgeable about certain subjects, like history, arithmetic, science, movies, and more!

There are different game modes, like playing in a casino style where you are betting but also in adventure mode where the whole point is to reach the top of the hill. 

Choose the one that most interests you, have fun, and test your knowledge! The player who accumulates more points, in the end, is the one who is crowned “The Trivia Crack Master” (Okay, I just made that up).

A classic arcade game meets an online leaderboard competition in

You must develop the abilities to protect your title while moving quickly and strategically.

With your pals, complete brand-new tasks and gain skins during monthly in-game events.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself and challenge yourself every day!

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Challenge Yourself With

This little game is pretty intriguing but also easy to play. Thanks to its very simplicity, yet entertaining nature of, both adults and children may enjoy competing with each other. 

Play this awesome game whenever you want and wherever you are, even if there is no WiFi.

You can challenge your pals to a snake-growing contest to see who can grow the largest. The thrill of challenging your pals is great.

And once you reach excellence, there’s a good chance you’ll take the top spot on the leaderboard.

At this point, you only need to focus on munching your way through each level. You’ll get a strong sense of satisfaction as you eat each of those vibrant dots one at a time.

You need to be more cautious of vicious predators as your snake grows in size. Although the game’s rules remain the same as you go, it does get harder!

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Play Together!

These are great fun games you can play with your friends or family on any occasion. You’ll need to pay for some games, but most are free!

The truth is, you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to do that. These types of games are a perfect way to make strong bonds with those you love.  

You only need imagination and a good fun competition to make a great family night!

For your convenience, here is a recap of the games you can play with your family and make family night fun!

  1. QuizUp
  2. Ticket to Ride
  3. Psych!
  4. Mario Kart Tour
  5. Who am I?
  6. Drawful 2
  7. Trivia Crack