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5 Coolest Games to Play with Friends on a Phone

Are you ever sitting around with friends and finding yourselves with way too much downtime? Maybe you are all driving on a long road trip for a weekend reunion getaway at the cabin. Perhaps it is just a beautiful day at the beach, and you and your friends need a little sunshine and, most importantly, some time for rest, relaxation, and a bit of recreation together.

It’s time to get your gaming crew back together and prove that our smartphones aren’t devices designed to disconnect us from the real world. Instead, your phone or tablet can be just another way to connect with friends and have fun in real-time with your friends, no matter where you are in the world!

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5 of the Best Mobile Games to Play with your Friends

You start out the game with a small snake and grow larger as you absorb the orbs scattered around the level. Compete with your pals while they attempt the same while trying not to collide with you. Do you all have what it takes to become the master and become the longest snake of them all?

The classic game can be enjoyed solo, or you can slither the night away competing with all your friends. Try to survive in the snake world as long as possible and become the longest snake in this fast-paced, frenzy mobile game. 

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How to Play with Friends and Take Turns Competing to be the Best

Take turns with the game, play separately, or pass around your Android or Apple phone and get ready to compete. Decide how many rounds you want to play, and calculate who is the champion snake slitherer by adding up contestant scores at the end. This can get super addictive and even more competitive!

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Heads Up

Heads Up! is pure fun for all ages, and there are many different modes you can play on, so the entertainment is non-stop. Some gameplay modes let you speak, and some force you to mime out clues without making any noise. All of the modes in this game make this one fun for the whole group at the party

How to play goes something like this, you hold your phone up to your forehead so other players on your team can see the answer. The other players will then give you back clues based on the rules of the game, and the player with the phone to their head needs to guess what is on their card, Spewing out as many answers as they can within the time limit.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game, part of the famous Pokemon franchise, published and developed by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and the Pokemon Company. Join other pokemon trainers, especially your friends, and play Pokemon together in new innovative ways. Battle and catch them all by hunting, collecting, hatching eggs, and trading with other trainers. 

Spin photo discs at Gyms and Pokestops all around town to get essential items that will aid you on your adventures. Interactive mobile fun with friends packed with many adorable creatures and hours of nostalgia

Not only is Pokemon Go great for playing with the friends you’ve already made, but Pokemon Go has also been making new friends since its start. Like-minded people come together to battle and raid and form new friendships. Are you team Valor, Instinct, or Mystic?

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Evil Apples

If you have ever played and love the awesomely outrageous, sometimes offensive party game “Cards Against Humanity,” then you and your friends might want to try Evil Apples. Evil Apples is a mobile version of the same game, where all the cards are digital. With all the hilarity spent laughing with friends with none of the setup or cleanup after

As in Cards Against Humanity, your goal is to fill-in-a-blank phrases with the cards you’re dealt. You want to be as humorous (and offensive) as possible. With each round, one player will sit out and judge the others’ uniquely funny answers. That player determines who gets points for that round which will later tally up to determine a winner.

Out of the Loop

In Out of the Loop, all but one of the participating players know what something is, and one person is left out.

Everyone is then given questions to ask specific players about this “secret.” The person out of the loop needs to try to answer in a methodical way that won’t give away the fact that they’re the player “out of the loop.

For example, Let’s say a round of the game is played, and the word is Pie. Questions put out there, like. Would you put this in your mouth? Or could you eat this for the rest of your life? 

When everyone answers, you can help you to weed out who you think has no idea what they are talking about. It’s a unique game, and unlike most party mobile games, it only requires one smart device.

Recreate Game Night, Virtually

Like planning most events, hosting an in-person game night with your best buds can be messy and time-consuming. Setting and cleaning up board game pieces and picking up cards everywhere isn’t how you want to spend your night. 

What is great is we can now use our phones and technology to play new and old favorite games without all the hassle. Even better, most of these games are free to download and easy to play

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There are tons of multiplayer mobile games out there that are worth a try, and these are only five of the best. Also, classic games like have that old-school arcade feel, bringing back all the good memories of competing with your siblings and showing off your high score with your best friends!

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