How to Play A Quick Guide on How to be the Best Slither Master

How to Play is an exciting and addictive battle royale io game where you control a snake that grows longer as it consumes pellets scattered across the map. The goal of the game is to become the longest snake and to dominate the leaderboard. Here’s an easy guide that can help kickstart your snakey journey:

1. Download the game
2. Launch the game and choose a fun snake skin
  • Launch Before starting a round, you’ll be given the chance to select from a variety of flashy and beautiful snake skins. You’ll be able to unlock more once you participate in the exciting daily challenges and monthly live events.
3. Control your snake
  • Controls are configurable depending on how you want to play the game. You can control your snake with the little joystick on the lower left part of your screen. You can speed up with the boost button on the lower right end of your screen. Change controller types  or game orientation by tapping Settings > Controls. You can choose between the classic joystick, arrow keys, or swipe. Play the game left handed or right handed, depending on what works best and what tips the scale of victory for you!
4. Collect Pellets to Grow and Boost
  • Pellets are scattered in-game, and these consumables allow players to grow their snake.  These pellets also allow snakes to speed up in exchange for the pellets they have consumed. Growing longer and bigger while using speed boosts are crucial but fun parts of the game that’ll make your experience better!
5. Avoid other snakes and eat them instead
  • Aside from eating pellets, there is a faster way to grow your snake. This method requires patience and strategy. You just have to eat other snakes by turning them into pellets! You have to strategically have them hit you on any side of your body. But careful, as these players can also do the same thing.

With the basics down, dive into and show off your slither skills that easily cheats death’s doorstep and plow through the competition as you aim for the top!