Most Popular Live Events in releases monthly time-limited events for new and old players to enjoy — with fun themes ranging from fantasy, horror, and sci-fi. These events give out free cool-looking skins and characters that are easy to unlock. The only requirement is to play and complete all event quests! The events keep the player-base engaged and looking forward to more.

What’s more awesome is that these events also have reruns, giving another chance to those who missed out in claiming the rewards.

Let’s look at the top live events that has offered:

1. Over The Rainbow

Date: May 2023

Free Skins to Unlock: Rainbot, Hambow, Smogon, Cirrus

2. Dragon Knights

Date: June 2023

Free Skins to Unlock: Calico, Aethera, Dracolance, Igneous Burn

3. Pet Races

Date: August 2023

Free Skins to Unlock: Hamstring, Archie, King Cozy, Watchdog

4. Fall Guys x (Official Mediatonic x Kooapps Collaboration)

Date: February 2024

Free Skins to Unlock: Pink Bean, Raptor Bean, Shork Bean, Golden Knight Bean

5. Snakes Among Us (Official Innersloth x Kooapps Collaboration)

Date: November 2023

Free Skins to Unlock: Red Crewmate, Cyan Crewmate, Lime Crewmate, The Impostor

Experience all of these and other future events coming your way on these amazing platforms —  Apple App Store, Apple Arcade, Google Play Store, and Amazon. Feel the arcade fun with events now!