retro gaming consoles vs. Which is the Better Game?

Not all Snakes slither exactly the same. And not everything that slithers is necessarily a snake. Although, when it comes to classic io games, popular games like and do have some significant commonalities in both design and gameplay. Video games like these are usually free-to-play, browser-based games, which are minimalist in design but full of hours of fun.

In both classic takes on this game, you can play it repeatedly. You will develop quick skills and try to survive as best you can! Starting as a small “worm” or “snake-like” creature, you get bigger as you add to your snake. However, It is not so much what these two games have in common that is important, but how are they different? 

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The Ultimate Snake Faceoff

Welcome to the Ultimate Snake-off, vs. What game will go down in hiss-story as the best snake game to play on your smart device?

Overall Better Gameplay is visually appealing, almost flashy, with the use of glowing orbs and 3D-like visuals, but if you prefer a more minimalist style on this classic game, would be the top choice. has the closest concept to the original game and excels at overall gameplay. is more fit for kids, older adults, and anyone who can’t handle fast play. It is a very sedate, slower-moving experience, whereas has that classic fast-paced feel that keeps you entertained. So if you are looking for something fun to keep you distracted, is your game.

Graphics and slither are both visually appealing. Unfortunately, with the 3D style top graphics of, they seem to overpower the game. However,’s classic simplified graphics better fit the style of mobile gaming. Minimalism in video games is sometimes best and needs not to be improved upon or dressed up.

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Sound offers a bit of background noise for those who like a little tune while they game. However, you can also mute this and play silently. This can be good when you are sneaking that extra break or two in the long boring workday. 

Game Controls

The snake in follows your finger or cursor when you hold it down on the screen, and you can double-tap it to gain speed. This feature is helpful when you want to take on opposing snakes. However, allows you to perform the same snake-like actions with virtual controls. These virtual controls are super precise in movement and more effective in this game’s case. 

For smooth enjoyable gaming, start playing today.

In, there is no gameplay mechanic more frustrating than the barrier or edge of the map. It is common in this version of this game, causing the game to lag out when you get too close to the sides. Prematurely slamming your snake off the edge, disintegrating it into oblivion. In comparison, game controls are much more smooth, way easier to navigate within the map, and with no extra lagging. For this reason, wins best game control, hands down. 

The more precise and quick action of game controls dominates in the game feel department. 

PVP or Bot Play

There are both Pros and Cons with player versus player (PVP) and Bot play. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of pvp and AI bots.

Pros of PVP

It is fun and challenging to play with real people, and it can bring more excitement and competitiveness knowing you are up against a real player somewhere in the world. Player vs. player allows for a higher skill level to come into play while not raising the difficulty to enter. 
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Cons of PVP

Some people don’t like having to go up against other players for many different reasons. Social anxiety comes into play, and other real-life players tend to be emotional or unpredictable. Let’s face it, some people train and excel at these types of games, so it becomes tiresome if you are learning to play and going against someone who is a slithering expert. 

Pros of Bot Play

The bots for games are specifically designed to have superior AI and threat detection algorithms while not “cheating” the system as some have thought in the past. If one of the reasons you game is to get away from the hustle and bustle of work, school, and socializing, you may prefer bot play. Sometimes it can be less dramatic and easier to just play the computer bot instead of dealing with more people. Furthermore, Bot play is usually much quicker because it is automated, with no extra waiting for your challenger like in PVP

Cons of Bot Play

There is really no actual downside to playing games with artificial intelligence. Again, it is based mainly on what type of gamer you are. Some people find socializing with strangers to be the best part of these types of mobile games, and others are more comfortable with bot play.

Download Ability

It is sometimes fun to play real people online, but it makes it difficult that players aren’t yet able to play offline with accuracy. It has been revealed that has to be downloaded for best gameplay and technically falls into the category of adware. Once anything gets downloaded into your computer system, it can cause a series of troubling outcomes. 

A gamer can play offline and from anywhere in the world, at any time. This more modern take on a classic video game is available both online and offline. It is free and easy to install and can be ready to play in seconds. 

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The Best Snake Game

It comes down to LAG! Slither.Io might be visually better to look at. However, lag issues are a prevalent problem within the game. A bad Internet connection and unperfected gameplay can take away all the fun. Unnecessarily high graphics settings in are just some of the reasons that takes the lead as the Best Snake Game to play in 2022. Keep gaming CLASSIC!

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