One of the Most Popular Apps in the Apple App Store

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With its fun and exciting gameplay, was given recognition by Apple as one of its Top Apple Arcade Games of 2023 in their recent Apple Newsroom article. The Apple Arcade version of the hit game, developed by Kooapps, was chosen along with nine other Apple Arcade games as one of the most downloaded games in the premium subscription platform. retains its easy yet memorable gameplay mechanics — reminiscent of the old snake phone game that has taken a big inspiration from — but offers an exciting twist to the beloved classic by taking players to a battle royale map with the goal of defeating other players and becoming the King Snake! Its fast-paced yet relaxing gameplay is a perfect choice for busy gamers to play during their short breaks, or players who are just looking to chill after a long day of work. offers new features different from its app store counterpart. Players will be able to get an Apple Arcade exclusive skin on their first download of the game. Players will also be able to experience an ad-free gaming experience across all MacOS devices, and controller support for all the console enthusiasts.

With this achievement, solidified its presence in the hyper-casual gaming scene. Try the game now! is available to download and play on Apple Arcade.