The Legendary Terran Snake Games: Where Champions Are Made!

terran games header
Astrolotl (upper-right corner), Phoenix (Upper-center), Vinora (Left-center), Bubblegum (Right-center), N3-0N (Lower-left Center), Ghaster (Lower-right Corner)

When it comes to the true test of strength, the pursuit of fame and glory, there is only one event that comes across the mind of the snake populace — The Terran Snake games, a competition that invites the best of the best of all the snake biome. A popular battle royale tournament where snakes compete to outwit and outpower other opponents and become the last snake standing.

Being invited is considered one of the highest honors a snake can receive. The famous snake games occur every four years, where invited snakes from each different snake biome have a chance at aiming for the Champion’s Crown.  

The last Terran Snake Games was held in the futuristic, high-tech city of Terra — with Astrolotl winning the last tournament alongside other invited snakes: Vinora, Phoenix, Bubblegum, N3-0N, and Ghaster. The next snake games will be held in Snaketopia, the central city of all the connected biomes. Check out Glow’s new journey in chapter 2 of The Invitation to see who are the highly esteemed snakes invited for the upcoming Terran Snake Games.

The intense heated fun of the Terran Snake Games is free to experience by downloading and playing on all these platforms — Apple App Store, Apple Arcade, Google Play Store, Amazon, and Facebook Gaming. Go and take the Champion’s Crown for yourself!