Where Are Snakes From? The Snake.io Multiverse

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Snake.io is set in a multiverse housing a plethora of Snake Worlds, each of which have their own unique and beautiful cultures, snake characters and residents. The story focuses on these Snake Worlds defending against world-eating snakes that came from the Outer Limits.

Deadset on trying to consume the universe, this resulted in the many Snake Worlds to connect with one another. With the fate of their worlds at stake, every snake from each universe went through each portal present in their homes and went inside in order to arrive and enter the Arena.

In the Arena, every snake fights and consumes one another in order to grow massive to have enough power to face the world eaters and save their worlds. Do you have what it takes to join the fight and help our snakes defend their home worlds?

Call out your friends and join the battle on these platforms — Apple Arcade, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon, and Web — and show the world what you’re made of!