Kooapps Launches Snake.io Comics Based on The Popular Slither Game

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For the first time, Kooapps has released the webcomic of the popular snake game, branching off the plethora of multiverse found in Snake.io’s universe ‘Snaketopia’. The comic is titled ‘Snake.io: The Invitation’ and was released March 2, 2024 on the game’s website.

The story follows Glow – a young snakeling with bigger dreams and ginormous ambitions of participating in the legendary Terran Snake Games – a battle royale tournament where all snakes from each different biome gather and compete to become the best fighter in all of Snaketopia. Accompanied by his friend Sprout, be a witness of their friendship, hardship, and perseverance as they prove themselves worthy of being considered the best of the best! Aside from them, multiple beloved characters will be appearing to support Glow’s slither journey, like Vinora, Bubblegum, N3-0N, Phoenix and Ghaster. A new character, Astrolotl, also made its way in the debut chapter.

You can follow the story here, and if you’re interested in experiencing the fun intensity of the famous snake games, you can download and play Snake.io on all of these platforms for free: Apple App Store, Apple Arcade, Google Play Store, Amazon, and Facebook Gaming. See you all in the snake arena!

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