Meet The The Invitation Characters

Two chapters of the new comics based on the popular battle royal snake arcade game have been released —- and from exploring different biomes to meeting new friends, a lot has happened to our fun, quirky, and adventurous slither hero. It is quite understandable to have trouble remembering all of the new characters that the new chapters introduced.

But this article has you covered — here are the characters that were introduced in Chapters 1 and 2 of The Invitation.

Let’s start with the protagonist and his friends:


Glow — our brave and courageous protagonist that aspires to be part of the legendary Terran Snake Games. He may be small but his ambitions and dreams to become the best snake is nothing to look down on.

Sprout — our protagonist’s friend and one of the youngest of the Dot Snakes. Though young, he is very eager to learn as much as he can in order to stand side by side with his friends. He also aspires to compete in the Terran Snake Games – as inspired with the older snake’s champion mindset.

Glow Sprout and Cron
Ch2 Trio r

Slushy & Rainboa — our protagonist’s friends and companions in sending out all the invites for all the invited snakes for the Terran Snake Games. Slushy might look like a sourface, but he’s quite the considerate sweetheart — he is also one of the few who believes that Glow will be one of the top competitors in the snake games.

While Rainboa is the exact opposite of Slushy when it comes to their outside demeanors. Being one of Snaketopia’s favorite Dot Snake, she is a bundle of sunshine, and her optimistic friendly personality makes her everyone’s friend and also the key snake in locating the other invited snakes.

Vinora (lower left), Phoenix (upper left), N3-0N (lower center), Ghaster (lower right center), Bubblegum (lower right), Astrolotl (upper right)

In the Terran Snake Games, a battle royale tournament that occurs every four years, different snakes of all shapes, sizes, and home worlds, participate in order to become the best snakes of their time. 

This year’s victor is Astrolotl — an astronomical slithering champion that stood her ground among other snakes with wit, spirit, and a jolly smile. Truly one of the greats that ever did it.

The other snake competitors from the tournament that also tested their strength and tried to win the ultimate test of power are Vinora, Phoenix, N3-0N, Ghaster, and Bubblegum.

There are many more characters to be introduced in every new chapter, so be updated with every new release of the comics on the website.

If you want to also experience the fun intensity and competitiveness of the Terran Snake Games, you can play and download on all these platforms for free — Apple App Store, Apple Arcade, Google Play Store, Amazon, and Facebook Gaming. Prove Snaketopia that you are the snake of snakes!