The Invitation — Glow’s Friendly Encounters in Chapter 2

Chapter 3 of the popular arcade battle royale snake game — has just been released, and Glow’s journey continues. But before he threads the thorny paths of the Nightmare biome, here is a little recap for all of the fun characters that our brave protagonist met in his on-going adventure.

Ch2 Trio r

Slushy & Rainbow — the two reliable friends that accompanied Glow in his search for Hambow, one of the invited snakes for the upcoming Terran Snake Games

Queen Rime — the Queen of the icy kingdom in the northern mountains of Snaketopia, and is one of the invited snakes for the legendary snake games.

queenRime 1
Strawb and Gums

Strawbs & Gums — the inseparable troublemakers of Sweet Kitchen,  they make harassing travelers their hobby and Glow was almost one of their new victims.

Bonbon — the thoughtful heroic giant of Sweet Kitchen. He mainly stays underground in order to avoid squashing other snakes but he will always be there to help a townsfolk in need. He was also invited for the upcoming snake games.

bonbon 2

Hambow — one of Rainboa’s many friends and is one of the invited competitors for the upcoming snake games. He might look like a pig from Anima, but he’s a snake born and raised in Snaketopia.

You’ll be able to read chapters 1, 2, and 3 on the website. You can also experience the competitive fun of the popular battle royale snake games – is free to download on all these platforms: Apple App Store, Apple Arcade, Google Play Store, Amazon, and Facebook Gaming. Take the crown for yourself and be the best snake there is.